Premier Garden Yarn

Premier Garden Yarn, formerly Deborah Norville Serenity Garden, is my absolute favorite yarn for scarves. It is so soft to work with.

Colorways used: Orange Tree, Spring Water, Hydrangea, and Gems

For me, the process is as important as the product. This yarn feels so wonderful in my hands while I am crocheting. The rhythm of the hook and this silky bamboo yarn is pleasing. And to wear . . . . It is dreamily smooth against the skin. Itch factor? Zero.

Colorways used: Succulent and Pebble

Achieving this look is a simple process of single crochet, working horizontally to the length desired, and then cutting, leaving a tail of approximately 12 inches to later be used in braiding the fringe. Then using a different color-way, beginning at same edge each time and working in the same direction, single crochet across to end and cut, leaving a tail. Repeat this process until desired width is achieved.

Colorways used: Gems, Spring Water, and Orange Tree

The scarves shown are six inches in width and sixty inches in length.

Do you have experience with this yarn? What are your thoughts or favorites? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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